The Callaway Golf Epic Flash drivers hit the USGA conforming list

The Callaway Golf Epic Flash drivers hit the USGA conforming list

The newest Callaway Golf drivers have hit the USGA's conforming list of driver heads, and say hello to the Callaway Epic Flash drivers.

The USGA list features four Epic Flash heads, including three different versions of the Epic Flash Sub Zero. (There's also a left-handed Epic Flash Sub Zero Version 2, so technically, it's five heads.

Callaway Epic Flash driver

The black-and-white beauty shot from the USGA conforming list doesn't tell us a whole lot about the technology behind the new driver. There's a weight track in the back of the sole to allow for a draw and fade bias. There's the stamp for Jailbreak Technology near the leading edge, so that's not going anywhere. The driver has ample room for carbon fiber.

The Epic Flash does appear to sport a channel in front of the weight track for better air flow to promote higher swing speeds, therefore higher ball speeds.

Return of the Double Black Diamond?

The three Epic Flash Sub Zero models have a screw at the front to move center of gravity characteristics. The underside of the hosel on two of the three Sub Zero models have diamonds on them.

One model has a single diamond, while the Version 3 model has two. That could signal the return of the Black Diamond (and Double Black Diamond) moniker last found in the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond from 2016. Could we be looking at an iteration on the Gravity Core?

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