Cleveland Golf announces Huntington Beach Soft putter collection

Cleveland Golf announces Huntington Beach Soft putter collection

Cleveland Golf's Huntington Beach collection offers some of the best values -- if not the best value -- in putters from a major manufacturer. The collection offers a variety of heads and styles at a $100 entry point.

The collection is now expanding and evolving, with the introduction of the Huntington Beach Soft collection. Really, it's the SOFT collection because SOFT stands for Speed Optimized Face Technology, which is an insert designed to normalize ball speed across the face of the putter to offer consistent speed and roll no matter where a putt is struck on the face.

Unique to these putters is a particular face-milling pattern for each head style. On the heads with higher moment of inertia (MOI), the milling pattern is more gradual in nature, while the lower MOI models have a more rapid variation pattern. The diamond style to the pattern carries through regardless, just the shape and intensity on the 304 stainless steel head varies.

The Huntington Beach Soft collection has six heads available in a variety of models. The putters retail for $130 each with 16 unique color selections for four distinct color-fill areas to maximize personalization for an additional $10 per putter.