Ping introduces Sigma 2 putters, complete with adjustable lengths and durometer face

Ping introduces Sigma 2 putters, complete with adjustable lengths and dual-durometer face


Ping makes great putters. It's in their DNA. And over six decades, they've learned a lot about putter performance, player preferences, design properties and what goes into getting the ball in the hole on the green. Each time they come out with a new line of putters, Ping is marking a refinement in their knowledge and how they can package it for a golfer.

The new Sigma 2 line, replacing the Sigma G line, is a 10-model series which seeks to deliver a better feel at impact based on the length of a putt, while also offering length adjustability for golfers so they can easily buy the head they like and optimize the length for their preferences without fumbling around pre-purchase.

Let's take the new dual-durometer face insert first. (A durometer measures the hardness of plastics, rubbers and polymers.) Ping realized golfers need different feedback based on the length of the putt. Over a shorter putt, golfers tend to prefer a softer feel for a touchier putt. On the longer putts, a golfer wants to feel something solid with an awareness their putt is traveling online and the right distance. The face on the Sigma 2 is made from a new PEBAX face material, and it features a softer front layer for the round-saving putts while the firmer back layer is key for distance control on the mid- and long-range putts. The TR face pattern, which varies in depth and pitch to speed up off-center impacts, returns too.

Then there's the adjustable length portion of all this. The functionality, which is concealed beneath the grip and controlled via dial on the butt end, allows a golfer to customize the length anywhere from 32-36 inches. An adjustment tool inserts into the butt end of the grip, and a full turn changes shaft length by 0.25 inches, meaning 16 turns would run the whole gamut of possibilities. The technology is fully USGA-compliant.

There are three pistol grip options with the Sigma 2 line:

  • The PP60 is midsize and lightweight, designed to fit the contours of the hands with flat top and side areas.
  • The PP61 is slightly heavier and has an exaggerated pistol shape and is inspired by the popular PP58 grip.
  • The PP62 has a larger, more rounded shape to promote quieter hands.

As mentioned there are 10 different models in this line, ranging in price from $215-$235 each. The one we'll highlight is the one grabbing folks' attention, which is the Fetch. It's a new face-balanced model, designed for a straight-back-and-through stroke. It features a golf-ball-size center hole, which not only allows a golfer to remove the ball from the cup without having to bend down, but it allows for high MOI given its shape and weighting. The 365-gram head is stable on shorter putters.

The Ping Sigma 2 putters are now available for pre-order.


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