Which tournaments count as senior golf majors on PGA Tour Champions?
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Which tournaments count as senior golf majors on PGA Tour Champions?


The PGA Tour Champions hasn't always had the same lineup of major championships. Dating back to its founding in 1980, the PGA Tour Champions (formerly the Senior PGA Tour) has adopted a number of different tournaments as their major championships.

As of 2003, the PGA Tour Champions recognizes five major championships: the Regions Tradition, the Senior PGA Championship, the US Senior Open, the Senior Players Championship and the Senior British Open Championship

The five current PGA Tour Champions major championships

  • Senior PGA Championship -- The Senior PGA Championship is the oldest senior major, and it's the only senior major which predates PGA Tour Champions. The Senior PGA Championship (or PGA Seniors Championship, as it was once known) was first played in 1937 at Augusta National Country Club. It's still played to this day, run by the PGA of America and has been a PGA Tour Champions major since the start in 1980. Wins before 1980 are not counted as official PGA Tour Champions major titles, though they are recognized by the PGA of America.
  • US Senior Open -- The US Senior Open started in 1980, the first year of PGA Tour Champions, and it's still run to this day by the USGA. This tournament moves around every year, like the Senior PGA Championship, and it's always played in mid-summer.
  • Senior Players Championship -- The PGA Tour couldn't just arbitrarily make The Players Championship into a major, but it could make the Senior Players Championship into a major. Over the years, this tournament has been held in a variety of places, including staying at courses for several years in a row or moving around to prestigious venues. Through 2022, the Senior Players will be played at Firestone County Club in Akron, Ohio.
  • Regions Tradition -- The Tradition was meant to be the fourth and final major on the PGA Tour Champions calendar when it was created in 1989. It was to be the senior Masters of sorts, staying in the same place. That hasn't worked out that way, as the championship has moved over the years, but the goal has been to keep the Tradition at a single course for years at a time. It is now the first PGA Tour Champions major of the year.
  • Senior British Open Championship -- The Senior British Open was recognized as a PGA Tour Champions major in 2003, becoming the tour's fifth major. Run by the R&A, the tournament was first played in 1987. Wins before 2003 are not considered official PGA Tour Champions victories.

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