Cobra Golf announces F-Max Superlite, its lightest-ever line of clubs

Cobra Golf announces F-Max Superlite, its lightest-ever line of clubs

The lighter the golf club, the faster most any golfer can hypothetically swing it, right? That was the guiding philosophy behind Cobra's F-Max line, introduced in 2017. For the next iteration in the line, then, the natural improvement had to be to make the drivers and fairway woods even lighter. That's what the company has done with the F-Max Superlite series for men and women.

It starts with a deep-profile clubhead that's 6 grams lighter than the first generation, while still allowing a front-to-back MOI rating of over 5,000. That doesn't make it the most forgiving driver on the planet, but there's plenty of stability there to make it competitive. There are another 12 grams of weight savings in the 287-gram total product, getting 7 grams from a lighter grip (a midsize Lamkin REL 360 with a softer rubber) and 5 grams from a lighter proprietary Superlite shaft.

The end goal here is to make it easier for players with moderate swing speeds to generate more speed with a lighter club, leading to a better overall swing, better impact and an overall longer and straighter drive.

The F-Max Superlite comes in offset and straight-neck hosels and has an internal weight pad positioning weight to the back and toward the heel of the club, seeking to lower center of gravity while encouraging a draw bias. The face features the 6-4 Ti E9 driver insert that's been Cobra's calling card, using variable face thickness for consistent ball speeds across the face.

The F-Max Superlite fairway woods have a low profile and shallow face using forged 455 stainless steel.

The Cobra F-Max Superlite driver will cost $300 for men or women, and it's available in stiff, regular and lite flex with the stock 45-gram shaft. For men, there are 9.5-, 10.5- and 11.5-degree heads in right-hand and a 10.5-degree option in left-hand. The women's stock shaft is 40 grams, and the heads come in 11.5- and 15-degree options.

F-Max Superlite fairway woods

The fairway woods run $200 each for men and women. For men, the stock Superlite shaft is a 55-gram version in stiff and regular flex and a 50-gram model in lite flex. There are 16-, 20- and 23-degree heads in right-hand, with 16- and 20-degree heads in left-hand. For women, the stock Superlite ladies flex shaft is 50 grams, with 19-, 23- and 27-degree options in right-hand and 19- and 23-degree heads in left-hand.

F-Max Superlite irons and hybrids

The F-Max Superlite takes shedding weight even farther: The clubhead is 4 grams lighter while keeping the same MOI. The grip is 7 grams lighter. The shaft is 5 grams lighter. That's all to give the golfer a lighter club to swing faster.

The set features progressive center of gravity, with shorter hosels in the short irons to keep a lower center of gravity for higher launch, raising the length as the numbers increase for a more controlled trajectory. The offset increases from very little in the wedges and short irons to more in the long irons and hybrids. The irons have a low profile with a deep undercut cavity to keep the center of gravity low, launch the ball higher and hike ball speeds.

Curiously, the lofts are weaker in these irons, with the intent of maximizing ball flight and carry distances.

The hybrids have a forged 455 stainless steel insert, with a back-hell center-of-gravity orientation to promote a draw bias. The offset is set to deliver a square face at impact for players who struggle to do that naturally.

The Cobra Golf F-Max Superlite Irons are available in a three sets:

  • A seven-piece, 5-PW and GW set for $600 with a KBS Superlite steel shaft in stiff or regular, or in a Cobra Superlite 55-gram graphite shaft in staff and regular, or a 50-gram shaft in light flex.
  • A seven-piece combo set of 4H, 5H, 6-PW in regular flex or 5H, 6H, 7-PW and GW for $700 in the Cobra Superlite graphite shaft options (55-gram regular, 50-gram lite).
  • A seven-piece women's combo set of 5H, 6H, 7-PW and SW for $700 in the Cobra Superlite graphite shaft option (50-gram lite).

The Cobra F-Max Superlite hybrids are available in 19-, 22-, 25-, 28- and 31-degree heads for $180 each. The women's version of the hybrids come in 23.5-, 26.5-, 29.5- and 32.5-degree heads.

The whole line is available Oct. 5.

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