Srixon Golf introduces new Q-Star Tour golf balls

Srixon Golf introduces new Q-Star Tour golf balls

A few years ago, Srixon Golf took me by surprise when they introduced the Q-Star Tour ball, in part because it upended their pecking order as I knew it.

The Z-Star and Z-Star XV balls were the Tour-caliber models, built for players with higher swing speeds. One spun more, and one was more geared toward distance. Good enough. However, Srixon didn't want better players with slower swing speeds to be left out in the performance department, adding the Q-Star Tour as a softer version of the Z-Star lineup. The Q-Star Tours were great, even for me, and I swing near 110 mph. They had great greenside feel, and I didn't sacrifice much in the way of distance -- maybe a few yards.

Think of the Q-Star Tour as Srixon's Project (a)...or, they'd probably rather me say think of TaylorMade's Project (a) as their Q-Star Tour. Either way, the second generation of the Q-Star Tour is now out, and it's a little bit softer -- as has become the trend -- than the initial effort.

The balls still boast a Tour Urethane cover, which you expect on Tour-grade balls. The third-gen Spin Skin coating is applied to improve greenside spin and control on any shot, particularly from the rough. The Q-Star Tour's Energetic Gradient Growth core reduces backspin off the driver, working in concert with the 338 Speed dimple pattern to generate more distance while boasting less sidespin for more on-line shots.

What you have to love most about the Srixon Q-Star Tours is their price point. They're $30 per dozen. That's not gonna break the bank for a player who doesn't have the swing speed to really take full advantage of most Tour-caliber models anyhow.

The Srixon Golf Q-Star Tour Gen 2 balls are now available.

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