Yahoo has introduced its own daily fantasy (DFS) golf game
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Yahoo has introduced its own daily fantasy (DFS) golf game


Yahoo has expanded its daily fantasy sports (DFS) lineup, adding golf into the mix with the start of the US Open.

Their concept of daily fantasy golf for PGA Tour events isn't radically different than the 72-hole-tournament games you've seen from DraftKings and FanDuel. In Yahoo DFS golf contests, an entrant picks six players against a salary cap of $200 (as opposed to $50,000 for DraftKings), and the entry with the six-player team earning the most points at the end of the tournament wins the contest. The pricing is based on the same philosophy as betting lines, giving players most likely to win (or that the public is high on) a higher price.

Golfers earn points for how they score during each round they play, and then they can earn bonus points for where they finish at the end of a tournament.

Yahoo DFS golf scoring system

  • Hole-In-One: 5 points/each
  • Eagle: 9 points/each
  • Albatross: 15 points/each
  • Birdie: 3.5 points/each
  • Par: 0.5 points/each
  • Bogey: -1.3 points/each
  • Double Bogey or worse: -5 points/each
  • Bogey-Free Round: 5 points/each
  • 3-birdie streak in round: 3 points/each
  • 4-birdie streak in round: 5 points/each
  • 5-birdie streak in round: 10 points/each
  • 6-birdie streak in round: 18 points/each
  • 1st place tournament finish: 25 points
  • 2nd place tournament finish: 12 points
  • 3rd place tournament finish: 10 points
  • Top 10 tournament finish: 8 points
  • Top 20 tournament finish: 3 points

The same nuanced rules from DraftKings golf contests also apply here, including that ties for finishes all earn the same bonus points, playoff holes don't accrue points, and the like.

Yahoo DFS has single-event contests, as well leagues which can run a series of events with prizes for each tournament and the whole series. Right now, there are plenty of threats of overlay in the guaranteed prize pool (GPP) contests, so it would make sense to get over to Yahoo and start playing now.

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