World Long Drive competitions: How wide, long is the grid?

World Long Drive competitions: How wide, long is the grid?


World Long Drive competitors live and die by their ability to hit the grid, meaning have at least one of their drives find the rectangle they have to hit for their massive drives to count in their sets and matches.

For the average golfer, the World Long Drive grid would be plenty wide and plenty long. However, at the swing speeds World Long Drive competitors reach, their margin for error is extremely small. The slightest miss off the center of the clubface means a likely miss of the grid.

So, how big is the World Long Drive grid?

Under the World Long Drive rules, the grid doesn't have to be any particular width. More often than not, the World Long Drive grid is anywhere from 55-60 yards wide. However, at the 2018 Atlantic City Boardwalk Bash, the grid at Atlantic City Country Club was a smaller 45 yards. At the world championship, the grid is generally 60 yards wide.

The length of the World Long Drive grid also isn't prescribed. Typically, the modern World Long Drive grid goes 420 yards long to accommodate the beasts of the Open Division. However, there times -- particularly at altitude -- the grid needs to be 450 yards long.

If a long-drive competitor hits a drive which is longer than the measured-out grid but would fit within the stated width of the grid, the drive counts.

On the other end of the grid, the shorter end, World Long Drive competitors have a minimum length they must hit a drive for it to even count. In the Open Division, a drive must go 270 yards -- carry and roll -- to count, while the Women's Division minimum is 200 yards.

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