PXG offering big discount on golf clubs to military members

PXG offering big discount on golf clubs to military members

Dr. Bob Parsons credits his time in the Marine Corps for setting him up for the rest of his life, including the creation of GoDaddy and Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG).

Now as the company embarks on deploying its next-generation family of irons, the 0311 Gen 2 series, Parsons is hoping to pay forward his military experience to other service members with a massive discount on PXG equipment.

The company announced it is creating the PXG for Heroes program, offering a 50 percent (off retail) discount on 0311 Gen 1 irons and wedges to all active duty, active reserve, retired personnel and veterans from the U.S. Marines, Army, Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard. In short order, the program will be expanded to include select drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and putters.

Golf is an expensive game, and PXG equipment is among the most expensive in the mainstream market. However, so many members of the military have taken to golf through on-base facilities during and after their military service. As we've detailed here at Golf News Net, golf can be a literal lifeline for injured or wounded military members looking for a challenging and engaging hobby. PXG offering their state-of-the-art technology to military members at a dramatic discount is a great way of making their equipment more accessible to a group of people who deserve our support -- not just as golfers, but also as Americans.

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