We're expanding our GNN Plus fantasy golf data and research tools!
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We’re expanding our GNN Plus fantasy golf data and research tools!

Since we started GNN Plus back at the end of 2015, one of my goals was to provide members simple, easy-to-use data and research tools for fantasy golf at a very reasonable price. I'd say $10 per year is very reasonable for data on PGA Tour results dating back to 2011, tracking of DraftKings historical pricing and weekly advice which has become more specialized over time.

However, I've also seen the growth in very good fantasy golf products which specifically cater to daily fantasy golf players. The platforms and tools are sound, even though I don't believe the philosophy behind the picks is always as sound. So, I wanted to beef up our tools and data in order to provide more in-depth analysis based on both data and an understanding of how professional-level golf is played.

Enter GNN Plus Edge.

We announced GNN Plus Edge at the end of 2017, but, being a one-man band behind most of what happens here at Golf News Net, I was unable to begin the rollout until now. So, what's GNN Plus Edge?

GNN Plus Edge is a dramatic improvement in our tools, including comprehensive strokes-gained data dating back to 2011, research and reporting on trends in terms of player performance, course makeup and look-a-likes, as well trying to better understand the connection between player performance and field strength.

Ultimately, I want to present a straight-forward predictive model that can give you confidence in your selections each week.

I'm going to start rolling out that data and some of these tools this week, ahead of the Wells Fargo Championship, and more reports and tools will roll out through the month of May. As I'm doing this, GNN Plus members will have access to all of this. I hope you'll provide feedback and make requests, and I'll do my best to answer them with effective tools. If you're a regular GNN Plus member by May 31, you'll have access to GNN Plus Edge when it goes live June 1, through the remainder of the 2017-18 PGA Tour season for the $10 or less you paid when you signed up.

Through the end of the PGA Tour season, GNN Plus members who signed up by May 31 will be able to purchase an upgraded membership to GNN Plus Edge for $50 per year or $150 for a lifetime membership. (If you signed up for a multi-year plan, I'll further deduct what you've paid off either membership plan.)

When GNN Plus Edge goes live, the public pricing will be $75 per year or $225 for a lifetime membership.

If you choose to not to upgrade to GNN Plus Edge, you'll still get all the same benefits you signed up for with GNN Plus: the searchable results database (without strokes gained data), the DraftKings pricing trends and weekly advice, as well a display ad-free experience and discounts exclusive to GNN Plus members. You won't have access to special research and reporting, as well the upgraded tools.

I'm very excited to start rolling out these upgrades. As a tech and data nerd, I know I'm going to have a lot of fun digging more into what the data can reveal -- and what it doesn't -- about golf performance.


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