National treasure Mike Leach explains why he doesn't play golf
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National treasure Mike Leach brilliantly explains why he doesn’t play golf

Washington State University football coach Mike Leach is a national treasure. He has an opinion on literally every topic in life, and, more often than not, he's right in some fashion. See his comments on marriage, food and other critical subjects.

After a spring practice, Leach was recently asked if he plays golf. He does not. And then Leach went into a two-minute explanation why he doesn't. It was gold.

"I hate golf," Leach said. "That's another reason I wouldn't be on a (college football) committee. You have to golf a lot. I don't golf enough to be on a committee."

Leach said his father and brother really enjoyed golf, and, because he didn't, he had to suffer.

"You'd be on some road trip, trying to get somewhere," he said. "Of course, they'd have their clubs in the trunk. 'Oh, this is a nice little golf course. Well maybe we can just hit nine. It won't take long. We'll go really fast.' They end up hitting 18, and pretty soon I'm just reading the same magazine over and over again."

Leach then goes into a Jonathan Winters bit about golfers always practicing their swings and how goofy that looks, especially when you consider other sportsmen don't really do that. The former Texas Tech head coach also goes into some truth-telling about golfers swearing they can hit a pinpoint with their shots and then coming up with all kinds of excuses when they can't.

In the end, Leach boils down golf to what (he thinks) it really is.

"Golf’s pretty much for people that don’t swear effectively enough or need practice at it," he said. "And so there are people that need golf, and I don’t think I do."

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