Puma's Pwradapt Hi-Top shoes are sure to generate strong opinions
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Puma’s Pwradapt Hi-Top shoes are sure to generate strong opinions

There are plenty of golf-shoe haters in the world. They want their golf shoes to look a specific way -- namely, like dress shoes right out of the 1970s. Something you'd buy at a Florsheim or something like that. Wing tips, lots of leather, classy-looking solid colors like black, white, brown and tan.

And then there are people with a much more liberal view of what a golf shoe can look like. Some camps limit themselves to shoes that look a little more athletic. Some camps embrace street-style shoes, including those you'd see at a skate park or in a Zumiez store.

Me? I just prefer shoes which are comfortable, have enough grip to handle the rounds I play and look like something I want to wear on the golf course -- whatever that may be.

That's why I'm in the thumbs-up camp on high-top golf shoes. They're not for everyone, and they're not for every round, but they can be a different look that showcases someone's personality and style choices. Puma has catered to those players in recent years, and they're now offering a new high-top shoe with the Ignite Pwradapt Hi-Top line.

The Pwradapt Hi-Tops utilize the company's new Pwradapt sole system, which uses three-dimensional traction pods (layered spiking, so to speak), as well Ignite responsive foam throughout the midsole for the first time. An Evoknit knitted collar, which is becoming increasingly popular in and out of golf footwear, replaces the traditional tongue for better fit and comfort.

The shoes have a two-year waterproof guarantee. The difference? These shoes are Hi-Tops in two colors: Grey Violet and black.

There are a few hidden elements, too, including the interior of the fitting strap with a cat skull with cross clubs and a print on the sock-liner of a large scale topographic map of Carlsbad, Calif., where Puma Golf is headquartered in the United States.

The Puma Ignite Pwradapt Hi-Tops are now available for $220 each.

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