Tony Finau is wearing a Nike Golf hoodie at the Valspar Championship

Tony Finau is wearing a Nike Golf hoodie at the Valspar Championship


Tony Finau is wearing a Nike Golf hoodie on Friday at the 2018 Valspar Championship, and it has generated some buzz.

There's really not a lot of analysis needed for this. Finau, who wears Nike Golf from head-to-toe, got out for his second round at Innisbrook's Copperhead Course in a little bit of chilly weather. So Finau went to the hoodie to stay warm.

A few years ago, Nike decided to push the envelope of golf fashion with the Blade collar shirt, which looks more like a golf version of a Henley. Those are controversial unto themselves because they don't have a traditional collar (though they are very comfortable). As part of the collection, they introduced button-down golf shirts, joggers, leggings to go under golf shorts and the golf hoodie.

The looks fly in the face of traditional golf fashion, and they elicit such a strong reaction from fans. You either love 'em or hate 'em.


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