Waste Management Phoenix Open streaker gets 5 minutes of nude fame, then shame
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Waste Management Phoenix Open streaker gets 5 minutes of nude fame, then shame

To be truthful, I'm kind of surprised I can't recall a streaker in recent memory at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. It's the PGA Tour's annual tribute to bacchanalia, with hundreds of thousands of people -- most, probably not golf fans -- rolling into TPC Scottsdale for a week's worth of unconventional golf-watching. Lots of drinking. Lots of bad behavior. But also lots and lots of fun.

For one fan on Wednesday, TPC Scottsdale's 17th hole was an exhibitionist stage. A fan went streaking on the driveable par 4 on Wednesday, running around on the turf and in the bunkers before eventually being stopped by authorities. The streaker spent some time in the sand, throwing up grains like LeBron James does before an NBA game. He did a little breakdancing. He ran around. He acted like he was hitting golf shots. He fell all the hell over himself.

He did all of this covering his genitals for some reason. (If you're going streaking, you really shouldn't be shy about your bits.)

According to the Arizona Republic, the fan was identified as 24-year-old Adam Stalmach, who was arrested and is facing charges of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

"Stalmach showed signs and symptoms of alcohol intoxication," said Sgt. Ben Hoster, a spokesman for Scottsdale police, to the paper.

That sounds about right. But the kid did manage to rouse a crowd looking for pretty much anything to cheer or boo, and then he got some fame out of it. Probably not the kind he wants, but fame.

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