Jordan Spieth apparently got engaged on Christmas Eve to girlfriend Annie Verret?
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Jordan Spieth apparently got engaged on Christmas Eve to girlfriend Annie Verret?


Jordan Spieth gave himself and his girlfriend, Annie Verret, the ultimate Christmas gift just a little early.

Spieth apparently proposed to his long-time girlfriend Verret, and, to the shock of perhaps no one, she said yes. Spieth and Verret are officially engaged to be married, if the Internet is true. A picture of the couple began spreading on social media of Verret showing off the beautiful ring in front of her smiling face, while Jordan also beamed with joy.

Now, before we get the backstory, here's the oddity of this whole thing. There's no original sourcing for this image. As best we can tell, an Instagram account called Colorado Golf Blog shared the image and gave no credit to where it came from. We're pretty certain Spieth or Verret wouldn't be texting this picture to CGB, so the provenance of the image is unclear. (This is also why Instagram -- as well social media in general -- is horrible, because accounts can just swipe images with no credit.)

The rest of our post assumes this isn't some kind of odd trick to make golf media people get to the keyboard on Christmas.

Verret and Spieth met in their high school days, then went separate ways as Spieth went to the University of Texas, leading them to a national championship as a member of the golf team before turning pro in 2012. Verret graduated with a degree in business and now works in the game of golf, working with The First Tee in Texas. Over the years, the pair have remained together and appeared headed down this path.

Now, the three-time major winner and his high-school sweetheart appear to be headed for a chapel in the not-too-distant future. (He also apparently broke quite a few hearts, too, but that comes with the territory.)

Congratulations to the happy couple, and wait until the New Year to start figuring out all the details.

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