Cobra Golf King F8, F8+ drivers, fairway woods and hybrids will grab your attention
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Cobra Golf King F8, F8+ drivers, fairway woods and hybrids will grab your attention

Cobra Golf's new F8 drivers will get your attention, quickly. Yes, a lot of the components in the total driver story are ones you've seen somewhere along the way, but you haven't seen a total package quite like this one.

With the F8 and F8+ drivers, the first thing you'll probably notice is the first-of-its-kind CNC-milled face insert. That's right; the CNC milling you would expect on your putter and maybe wedges has come to a driver. Just like with those more delicate clubs, CNC milling on the 8-1-1 titanium face insert allowers for tighter tolerances and more precise weight movement -- to the tune of a 3 percent thinner and 10 percent lighter face insert. The E9 variable-thickness design in the insert offers more forgiveness on off-center hits. The milling pattern is unique and intricate, and it has a series of aerodynamic trips on the perimeter to help increase clubhead speeds.

You'll also notice the crown, which completes the 360 Aero feature with polymer trips on top of the five-ply carbon fiber head, which is used to thin out the crown and save weight for elsewhere. The carbon fiber is attached to the 8-1-1 titanium body.

The drivers will come in two colorways: a striking black, which is more of an anomaly these days, and what's called Nardo grey, offering a contrast at address that isn't busy.

Cobra Connect returns in the F8 models, with Arccos sensors natively integrated into the stock Lamkin grips so golfers can track their performance on the Arccos platform without having to buy a separate set of screw-in sensors.

The drivers both have MyFly8 8-way adjustability, and the Square Pad is designed to help keep the face on target at address. The loft range is lower on the F8+, going from 8-11 degrees compared to 9-12 in the F8.

Center-of-gravity adjustment options change by model, with both models carrying a 2-gram and a 12-gram weight. On the F8, the positions are in the middle back and toward the heel, allowing the user to create draw bias with the heavier weight in the heel and a more back CG position with the 12-gram weight at the rear of the head for more forgiveness and higher launch. On the F8+, the positions are lined up at the rear and front of the sole, with the idea of choosing between higher or lower launch characteristics, with the forward position offering 500 RPM less of spin, too.

The F8 head has a bigger profile (as does the ladies model) compared to the F8+, which is designed for a better player.

The stock shaft offerings are all true-blue aftermarket shafts, which is awesome. In the F8, the stock offerings are the MRC Tensei CK Blue 50-gram in lite and regular, the Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 in regular or stiff and the Aldila NV 2KXV Green 65 in stiff. On the F8+, the options are the Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 60 in regular or stiff, Aldila NV 22KXV Green 65 in stiff and X-stiff or the Project X HZRDUS Yellow 75 in stiff or X-stiff.

All three drivers are available Jan. 12, 2018 for $399 each.

Cobra Golf F8 and F8+ fairway woods

The F8 and F8+ fairway woods carry through a number of design traits from their driver cousins, including the 5-ply carbon-fiber crown, the 360 Aero design. The Baffler rails, which really do wonders from oddball lies, are back and the center of gravity is placed in between them. The rails get deeper from 3-wood on down the line.

The CNC milling doesn't carry through here, but the 475 stainless steel face insert is a good choice to match with the E9 variable-thickness design, which is a first in these fairways.

There aren't movable weighs in these, and the distinction is a forward weight in the F8+ and rear weight in the F8. MyFly offers adjustability, as you'd expect. The F8+ has a smaller profile and deeper face, while the F8 has a bigger profile and shallower face.

The stock shaft on the F8 fairways are the Aldila 2KXV Blue 70, while stock on the F8+ is the NV2K Green 75. They're available for $249 each in 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8 woods in the F8 and 3-4 and 5-6 in the F8+ family.

Cobra Golf F8 hybrids

The F8 hybrids infuse a little life into a sort of bland category, with a One Length option with a 7-iron length and 5-iron loft. Pretty cool. Hit it higher and drop it soft. The traditional F8 hybrids, like the One Length, have Baffler rails tighter than their predecessors and use a 455 stainless steel face. However, adjustability is gone in the hybrids, which may be a bummer for some. (Not me.) The stock shaft is the Aldila Rogue Pro 75-gram.

The F8 hybrids are $199 each, and come in 17-, 19-, 22-, and 25-degree heads in traditional length, while the One Length is available in 19-, 22- and 25-degree heads (with a 7-iron length shaft in lite, regular or stiff flex).

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