Here's Donald Trump slamming his putter into one his greens, damaging it
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Here’s Donald Trump slamming his putter into one his greens, damaging it


President Donald Trump had a rough weekend. It came out on Friday night from CNN that special counsel Robert Mueller had brought charges under seal as part of his investigation into Russian meddling into the 2016 U.S. election.

Then, on Saturday, Trump played some golf at Trump National Golf Club in Ashburn, Va., in not the best weather -- a sign fall may finally be settling upon the nation's capital. It didn't look like it was going well, based on some footage of the round NBC News acquired. They aired some of it on Saturday, and they added to it on Sunday, showing Trump slamming his putter into a green at Trump National D.C. in frustration over a missed putt.

That's quite a putter slam from the President, particularly into nice greens like the ones Trump has at his golf clubs. Trump does at least have the courtesy to go back and tamp down the mark he made on the green, but he definitely was not in a good mood at that point in the round.

Trump is a good player, although there's reason to be skeptical about his scores and USGA handicap index since he rarely posts scores. He could well be what's dubbed a reverse sandbagger, someone who keeps an artificially low handicap index as a means of impressing playing partners but not entering worse scores which would inflate the index.

While Trump is a good player, it does seem he has a problem with course manners. Trump has been seen driving golf carts on greens at his clubs, including over the summer in Bedminster, N.J., and now he's seen damaging his own greens. Then, of course, there are the allegations Trump is a little loose with the Rules of Golf, giving himself (and playing partners) way too many putts that are too far outside concession range.

But being Commander-in-Chief comes with bigger worries than his gimme range.

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