Tour Edge Golf announces Exotics CBX iron-wood

Tour Edge Golf announces Exotics CBX iron-wood


The hollow-construction utility iron has become a popular alternative to hybrids, which can sometimes feel clunky and offer less utility for some better players. The marketplace for these clubs has grown as many major manufacturers are putting their spin on a new-age long iron. Tour Edge Golf is getting in on the action, taking their experience with cult-favorite fairway woods and hybrids, and creating their new Exotics CBX iron-wood.

The CBX iron-wood has perhaps a more rounded, more hybrid-looking profile than some other peers in the space, designed to provide some confidence but also help with turf interaction in the sole and leading edge.

The utility irons sport a new, L-shaped club face design utilizing HT-980 steel, which the company says pushes performance right up to the USGA limits on coefficient of restitution and characteristic time. The bottom of the club face acts as a “hinge,” allowing the entire club face to flex at impact. The result is a thinner leading edge to promote consistent distance with contact across the face.

The company claims their testing shows their iron-wood is a full club longer than peers in the market, which is a bold claim. If that's the case, then players who have long struggled with longer sticks but don't want a bag of hybrids may have a club to help them on long par 4s and par 5s.

The Tour Edge Golf Exotics CBX Iron-Woods will begin shipping on Sept. 12 in 2 iron (17 degrees), 3 iron (19 degrees), 4 iron (22 degrees) and 5 iron (25 degrees) heads in either the Stainless Steel finish for $200 each or the limited-edition Black Peal for $250 each. The stock shafts are the Project X HZRDUS series and Mitsubishi Rayon’s Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core.

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