2017 World Long Drive Championship leaderboard, results and prize money payouts

2017 World Long Drive Championship leaderboard, results and prize money payouts


The 2017 World Long Drive Championship was won by Justin James, who defeated Mitch Grassing in the finals, 423-412, at Winstar World Casino and Resort in Oklahoma. This is James' first title, doing so with the longest-ever drive in the final round of the championship.

James won the $125,000 winner's share of the $270,000 purse.

In the Women's Division, Sandra Carlborg defeated Heather Manfredda in the final by four yards, 320-316, for her fifth World Long Drive Championship.

2017 World Long Drive Championship leaderboard, results and prize money payouts

Men's Open Division


  • Justin James (435 yards, $125,000) def. Mitch Grassing (OB, $50,000)


  • Mitch Grassing (437 yards) def. Kyle Berkshire (433 yards, $19,500)
  • Justin James (430 yards) def. Nick Keifer (392 yards, $19,500)


  • Mitch Grassing def. Wes Patterson ($7,000)
  • Kyle Berkshire def. Tim Burke ($7,000)
  • Justin James def. Paul Howell ($7,000)
  • Nick Keifer def. Will Hogue ($7,000)

Round of 16

  • Wes Patterson def. Ryan Reisbeck ($3,500)
  • Mitch Grassing def. Kevin Shook ($3,500)
  • Tim Burke def. Stephen Kois ($3,500)
  • Kyle Berkshire def. Trent Scruggs ($3,500)
  • Justin James def. Bobby Bradley ($3,500)
  • Paul Howell def. Steve Monroe ($3,500)
  • Will Hogue def. Josh Cassaday ($3,500)
  • Nick Keifer def. Joe Miller ($3,500)

Women's Division


  • Sandra Carlborg (320 yards, $20,000) def. Heather Manfredda (316 yards, $8,000)


  • Heather Manfredda (313 yards) def. Phillis Meti (OB, $3,000)
  • Sandra Carlborg (349 yards) def. Alexis Belton (329 yards, $3,000)


  • Heather Manfredda def. Chloe Garner ($1,500)
  • Phillis Meti def. Rebecca McGinley ($1,500)
  • Sandra Carlborg def. Alex Phillips ($1,500)
  • Alexis Belton def. Troy Mullins ($1,500)

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