Two golfers separately made two holes-in-one in a round this week
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Two golfers separately made two holes-in-one in a round this week


The odds of making two holes-in-one in a single round are astronomical. They're estimated to be 67 million to 1. That's insane.

So, what are the odds of two golfers each making two holes-in-one in a single round in a single week an ocean apart? That happened in the last seven days.

The first man to do it was Ken Wiebe, who is a journalist with the Winnipeg Sun and covers the NHL's Winnipeg Jets. Playing out at Glendale Golf Club in Winnipeg, Wiebe made two aces -- the first two of his life -- in one round. He aced the par-3 third hole. Then, 13 holes later, he aced the 125-yard 16th hole with a pitching wedge.

Here's video of Wiebe getting his second hole-in-one out of the cup.

Since he's Canadian, this is all very understated and polite. I honestly would have somehow acquired an ATV and done donuts on both greens.

And here's a look at the best damn 87 Ken Wiebe will ever shoot.

So, two holes-in-one in a round is rare enough. Well, apparently not, I guess, since a 16-year-old kid did the same thing in Northern Ireland.

Joe Rooney made two aces in a single around the day prior in a tournament -- in competition! -- at County Armagh Golf Club. He made the first two aces of his young life, too, en route to a better score than Wiebe: 3 under par.

On the third hole I hit a great shot," he said to the BBC. "The ball bounced in the middle of the green, then spun out to the left and went straight in."

"I played on and was 4 under par at the seventh hole. The green is elevated a bit, but I hit the ball well - it only bounced once.
You can't see the pin very well from the seventh, but it smacked the bottom of it and you just knew by the sound that it had gone in. We just all went crazy and began hugging each other and jumping around."

For those of you (me included) that have never had a hole-in-one and are waiting for your day, just remember that you could get two. But don't get greedy.

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