These green-reading glasses use augmented reality to help you make more putts

These green-reading glasses use augmented reality to help you make more putts


If you have trouble reading greens and breaks on the golf course, there are probably sometimes you wished they made special glasses that would tell you exactly how the putt will move. It would make golf so much easier, and it'd be like having your personal green book right in front of your eyes.

Well, green-reading glasses do exist -- sort of -- thanks to advances in augmented reality technology. A company called PuttView has developed green-reading glasses which they're showcasing at this week's European Tour event, the Porsche European Open in Germany.

While playing outdoors, a golfer wearing PuttView glasses can see the line and pace of a putt before they hit it, with a computer-generated display overlaid transparently onto the real world. It's almost like those graphics the European Tour uses to show the line as the player strokes the ball, except this is through first-person perspective.

This technology isn't widely available yet. After all, augmented reality technology and hardware haven't come far enough to make mass production possible at a reasonable cost. However, PuttView anticipates this changing, as happens with technology, in the coming years. It could be a great practice and training tool, or it could be an awesome way to make golf more fun.

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