PREVIEW: PXG 0311T milled wedges -- and, yes, they're $650 each

PREVIEW: PXG 0311T milled wedges — and, yes, they’re $650 each


PXG has been the first modern brand to truly develop and capture the luxury golf equipment market. Using breakthrough techniques and new materials with an almost uncapped R&D budget, PXG is pushing the limits of modern golf equipment. They're also pushing the limits of what a consumer would be willing to spend for any one club.

Now, the company is bringing hand-milled wedges to the market in the form of the 0311T line. And, yes, they're expensive, running $650 each.

Each wedge made from a piece of 8620 steel, which is forged into an oversize wedge shape. The wedge is then finished by milling to spec for the face, grooves, topline and sole. In the end, about half of the initial material is shaped away, taking a half-day to build each wedge. The material is used by other manufacturers in a cast fashion, finished off with milled features, but PXG took it to another level.

The PXG 0311T wedges are offered in nine different lofts from 46-60 degrees and four Tour-inspired soles:

  • Sugar Daddy: A multi-purpose design with a moderate lead bounce and a blended sole, available in eight lofts from 46-60 degrees. Lydia Ko plays this wedge.
  • Romeo: A gentle lead bounce angle in this sole comes with minimal heel relief so the leading edge stays close to the ground. Opening the wedge leads to high bounce, ideal for deep rough or softer sand. It's only available in 58- and 60-degree options.
  • Zulu: This sole has an aggressive leading-edge bounce with heel and toe relief, ideal for firm, tight turf. It's also only available in 58- and 60-degree options.
  • Darkness: This sole is a slightly oversized shape with moderate initial bounce angle and heel relief. It’s available in 55- and 60-degree options.

The default 0311T wedge comes with a Chrome finish for $650 each. An Xtreme Dark finish is available for another $100 each. There's an all-black Darkness finish, too, available for $800 each -- and it comes complete with a skull engraving and the number 26, representing founder Dr. Bob Parsons' Marine Corps regiment.

Like with all PXG equipment, you have to get fit for these wedges. None of that off-the-rack stuff.

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