Justin Rose is using a Flat Cat putter grip at the 2017 Masters

Justin Rose is using a Flat Cat putter grip at the 2017 Masters

Credit: Ryan Ballengee/Golf News Net

You might have noticed that Justin Rose has a loud-looking putter grip at the 2017 Masters, and he does: a Flat Cat putter grip.

The Flat Cat is a relatively new grip, with the idea behind the design being that the grip is shaped like a rectangular box, with the longer flat sides placed on the putter square to the face. The hands are then laid (relatively) flat on the grip, promoting a long-held belief that keeping the lead hand square to the target and to the blade at impact will lead to better putts.

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The Flat Cat grips come in four different sizes, and Horschel is using the smallest of the four, which weighs 45 grams.

Rose has been using the putter with success at the Masters, and he might ride it all the week to a green jacket.

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