FlightScope Mevo could be your personal launch monitor for under $500
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FlightScope Mevo could be your personal launch monitor for under $500


If you've ever used a launch monitor -- be it TrackMan, FlightScope, Foresight Sports, name your brand -- then you walk away with a wealth of information about your game and a desire to have your own personal launch monitor.

FlightScope is coming out in March with a personal launch monitor that will provide the basic info you need to work on the range...for just $500.

The FlightScope Mevo is a small unit which will work for both golf and baseball (if that matters to you), and it will deliver data for ball speed, clubhead speed, carry distance, vertical launch angle, smash factor and a spin measurement, the last coming if you use a silver dot marker on your golf ball as you hit it. Using the accompanying mobile app and pairing through Bluetooth, you'll be able to get data categorized by club and look back over historical data. You'll also be able to record video with the mobile app and then overlay data on the video for playback analysis.

In addition, the FlightScope Mevo will pair with FocusBand, as most FlightScope products do, to bring in brain-training tools with the launch monitor.

FlightScope Mevo's primary competition in the launch monitor marketplace is Ernest Sports' ES14 Pro, which offers the same data for a $600 price tag.

The FlightScope Mevo is now available for pre-order.

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