2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Best golf deals and sales
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2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Best golf deals and sales


You've had your Thanksgiving dinner, and now it's time to start thinking about the holidays -- whatever it is that you celebrate, including nothing at all. If you're a golfer or you're shopping for a golfer, that means scouring for the best golf deals and sales on 2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

We here at Golf News Net want to help you find those deals and sales, so we're linking to the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we can find online. We'll keep updating throughout the weekend and the holiday season with updated deals.

2016 Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Best golf deals and sales

  • DST Golf Compressor 25% Off: DST Golf makes the best training tool on the market today, period, end of story. Their Compressor clubs help reinforce the proper impact position for every golfer, in both an 8-iron and a wedge. Hundreds of touring pros around the world use their products. You can save 25 percent on your purchase at their website with the promo code BFRIDAY25.
  • Linksoul 40% Off: Linksoul is the baby of John Ashworth, and his designs are inspired by a love of golf, nature and simplicity. The clothes are great, last a long time and fit well. On Black Friday, they're running an insane 40 percent off sale on their website. Use the code WOW at checkout for 40 percent off their full price offerings.
  • Arccos Golf Save $50: Arccos Golf is a game-tracking platform that uses a small sensor you screw into each club and pair with your phone using Bluetooth. Using the GPS on your phone in conjunction with the sensor, Arccos tracks your game and returns detailed statistics about how you play, helping you decide where to improve and how to make smarter decisions on the golf course. You can save $50 on their classic model on Cyber Monday with the promo code CYBER, paying just $150.
  • Biion Footwear 50% Off: Biion makes a comfortable EVA-form shoe that you can wear with or without socks. It comes in a multitude of colors and designs, and the shoes are lightweight and stink-resistant. You can get 50 percent off your purchase at their website from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (11/25-28) using the code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout.
  • TLink Golf GPS 15% Off: TLink Golf makes an excellent GPS unit that pairs with your phone to deliver front, center and back distances to all greens on all courses. The unit is very lightweight and can be worn using the comfortable belt clip or watch that comes with the unit. Save 15 percent now using GNNGOLFER at checkout.
  • Ping G30 Driver for $250 Each: The G30 driver is the stuff of legend. It just keeps the ball in play arguably better than any modern driver. And now you can save $100 and get it for $250, as well save on the fairway woods and hybrids. This is a no-brainer.
  • TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedges for $50 Each: TaylorMade's Tour Preferred wedges are an excellent deal through 11/28, going for just $50 each while supplies last. This is a closeout sale, so they'll go quickly to make way for new wedges coming out in early 2017.
  • TaylorMade AeroBurner Drivers for $130 Each: TaylorMade's AeroBurner line was the precursor of sorts to the M2, and it was designed to deliver more speed for golfers. The company is clearing out their stock and liquidating these drivers for $130 each. Quite a steal!
  • Game Golf Live 63% Off: Game Golf is a major player in the golf game-tracking space, competing with Arccos Golf. Their Game Golf Live unit is excellent, working with is tagging belt clip, your mobile phone and an app to deliver live shot and stat tracking. At just $110, this is an insane deal.
  • Zero Restriction Gear 25% Off: Zero Restriction makes all kinds of great all-weather gear for golf, from things that will keep you dry to things that will keep you warm to things that will keep you dry and warm...and looking good. Save 25 percent with the FAXFRIEND checkout code, and they'll donate 10 percent to Brad Faxon's Fax and Friends charity.
  • Arnold Palmer's "A Life Well Played" for Just $11.50: Arnold Palmer's follow-up to his memoir includes some amazing stories of his incredible life and the lessons learned from the world of golf and business, as well much more. At half off, you have no reason not to buy it.
  • Bushnell Ghost Neo GPS Save $80: Bushnell makes great golf GPS and laser rangefinder units, and the Ghost Neo is a solid, compact golf GPS. It was originally $130, and they're going for $50 on Black Friday. This is a great stocking stuffer for an accurate, easy-to-use unit.
  • Bridgestone Golf e Series Golf Balls 2 for $40: Bridgestone Golf's e Series balls are their best sellers, particularly the e6, which is about to get an upgrade. Stock up on these high-quality, affordable golf balls for next year at just $20 per dozen.
  • Bridgestone Golf B330 Series Buy 2, Get 1 Free: Bridgestone Golf's B330 Series is a higher-quality ball that offers four different options based on your swing speed and need for spin. You can get three dozen for the price of two, which is a great deal.
  • Dunning Golf 40% Off All Apparel: Dunning Golf is one of the better golf apparel companies out there right now, and they make some high-end stuff without going all the way into the high-end price range. Save 40 percent on everything from 11/25-27 using the checkout code DUNNING40.
  • Select Nike, TaylorMade, Callaway and Cobra Golf Drivers for $150 Each: You might be looking for a new driver but don't want to pay full price. Well, you can get the Nike Vapor and Vapor Pro, the TaylorMade R15, the first-gen Callaway XR and the Cobra Golf Fly Z line for $150 each. What a deal!
  • Tin Cup Ball Markers Save 20%: Project some personality on your golf balls with Tin Cup ball markers. They're a mold that fits your ball and let you use a variety of stencils to customize your golf ball. From the silly to pop culture to more, you have plenty of options. Save 20 percent from 11/25-28 with the code CYBER at checkout.
  • Swing Juice Golf T-shirts and Apparel Save 40%: Swing Juice makes some really clever golf-themed T-shirts and apparel, and you can save 40 percent on any and all of their gear on Black Friday with the checkout code¬†SJCYBER40.

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