How much does a Trackman launch monitor cost?

How much does a Trackman launch monitor cost?


You've seen Trackman numbers on PGA Tour and other pro golf telecasts. You've probably been fit for equipment using a Trackman launch monitor.  And, maybe you've thought about getting one for yourself. How great would that be? So you're wondering how much a Trackman costs.

The answer? It's not cheap.

Trackman has several different models, but the current launch monitor, Trackman 4, starts at just shy of $19,000. The reason it costs so much is because the technology behind it is expensive in a small package. Dual radars track your swing and hitting the golf ball, spitting out tons of numbers that can be used to interpret your game. The product itself has gotten lighter and thinner over time, making it easier to transport. The data is then often read off a tablet using the Trackman app.

OK, you don't have $19,000. But maybe you have $16,000. Then you can afford the Trackman 3e, which has just a single radar unit on board.

Both units have Wi-Fi, an on-board camera and a four-hour battery, as well can connect external cameras, so you can sync measuring and recording the swing with the data produced, and it all comes together in the software suite.

Maybe you don't have the kind of money for Trackman. There are some other launch monitor products out there that will do what you want (most likely) at a fraction of the price.

Foresight Sports makes launch monitors that it says are competitive with Trackman, and their GC2 monitor has similar features, including an on-board read-out and a camera to record your swing. It comes in at 4 lbs and has a simulator component, too. It can also read putting data. Depending on accessories you purchase, it can run anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000.

Flightscope makes a variety of launch monitor products, with prices ranging from $2,500 to $12,000. They can accommodate limited numbers that would help clubfitters to full-blown units that compete with Trackman.

Ernest Sports is also another competitor, which offers a variety of products that range from simple distance measurement to a full-featured ES16 launch monitor. The ES16 is competitive with any launch monitor on the market, and it combines Doppler radar and photometric tracking technology. The ES14 tracks key data points for just under $600.

SkyTrak Golf is also an excellent choice for a launch monitor an individual could use very well. The product has a simulator, is lightweight and runs about $2,000.

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