REVIEW: Glukos protein bars and shakes

REVIEW: Glukos protein bars and shakes


Golf and food go hand-in-hand. Golfers use energy on the course, and they need to replenish that energy to stay on their games and help them cope with the pressures of taking down their buddies for that weekly Nassau.

Some golfers replenish that energy poorly, with beer and hot dogs and other stuff that isn't really conducive to athletic performance. (I'm guilty of that at times.) However, for the golfer (like me, sometimes) that wants to keep their game together, they have some options to intake food and drinks that will not drag them down on the back nine.

That's where Glukos protein bars and shakes come in for a golfer. Both products deliver, well, glucose and whey protein to quickly energize golfers, helping them recover some of the energy they'll lose in a round, particularly if they're walking and carrying their own bag. The bars and shakes are typically used after a workout, to help speed up recovery. For golfers, though, their activity can be up to 5 hours long, meaning they need to recover during the activity to finish it with the same vigor with which they started.

The products contain no artificial colors, no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners and no caffeine.

The protein bars come in three flavors, including cookies and creme, chocolate peanut butter and rocky road. They do take a little softening, as they're not as chewy as other bars I've used in the past on the course. They're more akin to a harder granola in that regard. However, they're tasty, just 210-240 calories each, and they deliver good energy that you can down with some water and keep on moving with your round. A case of 12 costs $30, which is reasonable for a golf-course snack that won't have you lagging behind with a few holes to play.

The protein powder shakes are easy to make, and they come in packets that you can put in your golf bad. They come in chocolate and vanilla flavors, and you could mix them in with water on-course. A canister is $25, with individual packages available.

For more, visit Glukos' website.

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