On expanding GNN Plus offerings and introducing charitable efforts
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On expanding GNN Plus offerings and introducing charitable efforts


About a year ago, we created GNN Plus, a premium membership designed to offer display ad-free access to everyday GNN content, as well access to our top-notch fantasy golf content and resources.

The first season of that offering has gone really well. We've offered a lot of good advice and, along the way, have figured out ways to improve your experience with the tools we have.

On the verge of our second PGA Tour season, GNN Plus will only get better with two big improvements.

Many current members and some who canceled their memberships have said they want more statistical data week-to-week, and they want to be able to look at individual, per-tournament performances in some key areas so they can use that in their research. We agree, and we're happy to oblige.

Starting with the 2017 events, we'll keep track of individual performance in key statistics every week. We'll update those stats after each tournament, keeping track of those numbers for a tournament, as well a five-tournament and season-long average and/or total.

You'll be able to look up performance based on a variety of factors that may help clue you into the right players to insert into your lineup.

I also want GNN Plus -- and Golf News Net -- to help people do more than win at fantasy golf and enjoy our game a little more. I want to help other people maximize their potential and live a fuller life. That will start with charitable efforts aimed at helping two organizations that live that mission: Special Olympics and The First Tee.

Moving forward, all new GNN Plus members will have their first month's dues donated to either organization, which will change several times per year. Between now and the end of 2016, we'll donate the first two months' dues for new members. Consider it both an opportunity to try out GNN Plus and help good causes at the same time.

In addition, we hope you'll consider booking your tee times with us. Through our affiliate agreement with TeeOff.com by PGA Tour, we receive approximately 10 percent of your tee time when you use our page. Moving forward, we'll donate half of that payment, or about 5 percent of the cost of your tee time, to either Special Olympics or The First Tee. This is a win for everyone involved, and we hope you'll bookmark our Book Tee Times page and tell your friends about it.

Thanks to you, GNN has grown tremendously in the last two years. I feel it's time to pay some of that forward, and I hope you'll join in.

Ryan Ballengee

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Ryan Ballengee

Ryan Ballengee is founder and editor of Golf News Net. He has been writing and broadcasting about golf for nearly 20 years. Ballengee lives in the Washington, D.C. area with his family. He is currently a +2.6 USGA handicap, and he has covered dozens of major championships and professional golf tournaments. He likes writing about golf and making it more accessible by answering the complex questions fans have about the pro game or who want to understand how to play golf better.

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