Charges dropped against Robert Allenby following casino incident
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Charges dropped against Robert Allenby following casino incident

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Robert Allenby was arrested at an Illinois casino on early Saturday, Aug. 13, after missing the cut at the John Deere Classic, the 20th time in 22 tournaments this season that the Aussie didn't play the weekend.

The incident that led to Allenby's arrest occurred at Jumer's Casino, where Allenby had a hotel room for the event.

"There’s nothing to be said or done about. Nothing happened," Allenby told USA Today Sports, saying he was playing blackjack at the casino on Friday evening and early Saturday morning with other players and caddies.

Asked about the disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing charges, Allenby told the publication, “I have no idea, mate. No idea."

Golf News Net made a Freedom of Information Act request to the Rock Island, Ill., Police Department for the incident report, which was provided, with some redacted personal information, on Aug. 23.


One of the two arresting officers arrived at the casino at 2:29 a.m. and spoke with Jumer's head of security, who said that, at 2:15 a.m., he was notified that Allenby was visibly intoxicated and on the casino floor, which is not allowed under Illinois Gaming Board regulations. The head of security had already spoken with Allenby and told him that he would have to be removed from the floor. The head of security told a responding officer that Allenby became "very irate" and cursed at him, calling him a "f***ing a**hole" and a "f***ing wanker." Two Illinois Gaming Board officers were able to get Allenby to the front of the casino floor, though Allenby refused to leave completely.

An arresting officer was speaking with the head of the casino security force when the officer noticed Allenby was getting closer to him, as close as 1-2 feet. The officer asked Allenby to step back. Allenby refused. The officer pushed Allenby back. During the conversation, the head of security said he would like Allenby removed from the property, with his belongings removed from his room.

Allenby became angry with the arresting officers as the front desk hotel staff confirmed his room was being cleared. It was at that point that an arresting officer asked the head of security if he would like to pursue charges of disorderly conduct and criminal trespassing. The head of security did, and Allenby was handcuffed and placed in the back of a squad car.

Illinois Gaming Board agents found Allenby a room at a different hotel, and a cab was called to transport him. Before the cab could take Allenby on his way, he again castigated the officers. At that point, he was taken to the local jail, where bond was set at $1,500.

The arresting officer noted in the police report that Allenby made "several aggressive movements" towards him and the Gaming Board agents. Allenby could have been charged at that point with felony aggravated assault, but the Gaming Board agents decided not the pursue that charge.

On Aug. 16, a Rock Island detective returned to the casino for follow-up. The casino's director of security chose not to pursue any charges related to criminal trespassing, and the head of the security force declined to pursue the disorderly conduct charge. The detective reported that the officer "just did not wish to ever see Mr. Allenby again."

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