Golf games: How to play Rabbit
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Golf games: How to play Rabbit


There are so many good golf games to play, most of which have rules that make betting easy, too.

One of those great games is one that has only one thing to follow, and it's called Rabbit.

The rules of Rabbit

Rabbit (or any other animal you hunt or try to catch) is a variation on the Skins Game, except there's only one Skin that really matters: the last one.

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In Rabbit, the first player to win a hole outright (no ties, with or without handicap) has the rabbit. Then, on the next hole, if someone other than the player who has the rabbit has the lowest score (no ties), the rabbit is set free. The rabbit is then up for grabs on the next hole to the winner (no ties) of the hole.

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You can also play a version where the rabbit doesn't have to be freed to be up for grabs, that it can be taken on any hole with an outright win.

In Rabbit, you can have nine- and 18-hole bets or just play out the 18. You can also choose to have a flat fee per player thrown in the pot or you can play where the pot increases each time a hole is won outright (even if the rabbit doesn't change hands), treating it more like a Skins game.

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