2016 Valero Texas Open Monday qualifiers
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2016 Valero Texas Open Monday qualifiers


The 2016 Valero Texas Open Monday qualifier was delayed by three hours thanks to a deluge of rain and bad weather throughout the southern portion of Texas. However, they got in the 18-hole qualifier at the AT&T Canyons Course at TPC San Antonio, and Robby Ormand, David Mathis, Paul McConnell and Brett Wetterich (remember him?) got the four spots into the tournament.

Ormand and Mathis finished at co-medalists with 6-under 66. McConnell and Wetterich shot 67 each to shut out six players who shot 4-under 68.

Ormand, nearly 30, is a product of Texas Christian University who has played the bulk of his golf on mini-tours, earning a breakthrough win on the Adams Tour in April 2014. This is his first PGA Tour start.

Mathis is a veteran of the PGA Tour. The 42-year-old has no PGA Tour status right now, but did play in the Canadian Open last year, missing the cut.

McConnell has now Monday qualified for both PGA Tour events in Texas this season, getting through the last two Monday qualifiers. The 25-year-old UT-Arlington product had one start on the Web.com Tour last year.

Wetterich is a former PGA Tour winner who also qualified for the 2006 Ryder Cup team. The 42-year-old finished T-58 in the Louisiana Open in his only Web.com Tour start in 2016.

2016 Valero Texas Open Monday qualifier results

T1 Robby Ormand -6 66
T1 David Mathis -6 66
T3 Paul McConnell -5 67
T3 Brett Wetterich -5 67
T5 Jeff Rein -4 68
T5 Taylor Cooper -4 68
T5 Michael Gellerman -4 68
T5 Tim Petrovic -4 68
T5 Brad Adamonis -4 68
T5 Gregory Yates -4 68
T11 Will Griffin -3 69
T11 Bobby Wyatt -3 69
T11 Andrea Pavan -3 69
T11 Cliff Kresge -3 69
T11 John Kimbell -3 69
T11 Grayson Murray -3 69
T17 Chris Brown -2 70
T17 Joel Thelen -2 70
T17 Matthew Dunn -2 70
T17 Randy Lowry III -2 70
T17 Vetle Maroy -2 70
T17 Michael Miller -2 70
T23 Jeff Berkshire -1 71
T23 Tom Moore -1 71
T23 Thomas Garza -1 71
T23 Ryan Baca -1 71
T23 Nathan Anderson -1 71
T23 Andrew Presley -1 71
T23 Troy Matteson -1 71
T23 Hunter Haas -1 71
T23 Mark Hensby -1 71
T23 David Branshaw -1 71
T33 Wes Homan E 72
T33 Brady Watt E 72
T33 Juan Salcedo E 72
T33 Heath Slocum E 72
T37 Brandon Dixon 1 73
T37 Ted Purdy 1 73
T39 Franklin Corpening 2 74
T39 Mj Daffue 2 74
T39 Mason Nome 2 74
T39 Juan Pablo Hernández 2 74
T39 Arnie Martinez 2 74
T39 Adam Crawford 2 74
T45 Cameron Meyers 3 75
T45 Justin Bates 3 75
T45 Alex Carpenter 3 75
48 Brax McCarthy 4 76
T49 Lonny Alexander 5 77
T49 Blake Biddle 5 77
T49 Sean Reeve 5 77
T49 William Osborne 5 77
T53 Lonnie LaBove 6 78
T53 Swanson Smith 6 78
T55 Jonathan Lindsey 7 79
T55 William Castro 7 79
57 Stetson McMillan 8 80
58 Peter Peng 10 82

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