VIDEO: Sneaky fox steals wallet from golfer's bag, runs away with it
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VIDEO: Sneaky fox steals wallet from golfer’s bag, runs away with it


We've seen that foxes are not to be trusted on the golf course. We know that foxes are determined little buggers that just won't give up trying to take something they want.

And that makes 'em hilarious.

Some English lads made their way over to Ireland for a little golf trip, and they made a stop at County Louth Golf Club in Baltray. Seeing a fox coming their way, one of the guys decides to film what the animal does as it approaches. The fox comes to one of the fellas' golf bags, which had open pockets. Then the fox does fox things, nosing through the bag and eventually plucking out a guy's wallet.

Of course, the offended chases the fox, and the fox drops the wallet. The fox then does what it's trained to do, doubling back to see if it can still make off with the wallet.

Never trust a fox.

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