PREVIEW: Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver, fairway woods and hybrids

PREVIEW: Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver, fairway woods and hybrids


Wilson Staff's new FG Tour F5 line is aimed toward the better player but not exclusively so, offering technology that could improve any player's game.

The 460 cc driver, fairway woods and hybrids have several common features:

  • An interchangeable weight place in the front-middle of the sole with the aim of decreasing spin and creating ideal launch conditions
  • Fast Fit technology, which allows a player to change adjustability settings without having to separate the club head and shaft

The FG Tour F5 driver comes in two lofts -- 9- and 10.5-degree models -- and is adjustable to the tune of six loft settings (down up to 1 degree and up to 2 degrees in half-degree increments). There are also three sole weights that can be changed to create the ideal launch angle and spin rates, made possible in part by a low-weight crown that allowed weight to be moved to lower the center of gravity. Wilson's Reactive Face technology represents a variable-thickness face to put weight and thickness where it can offer the most forgiveness.

PREVIEW: Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 irons

The fairway woods and hybrids both sport a Carpenter Custom 455 steel face, as well a similar adjustable weight placement in the sole, near the center of the face.

The fairway woods, available in three lofts (13.5-, 15- and 17-degree options), feature six-way loft adjustability, akin to the driver.

The hybrids, available in three loft options (17-, 20- and 23-degree lofts), offer adjustability in terms of loft and lie, with three standard lie options going up or down a degree in addition to the true loft, with the same loft options available with a two-degree bump in lie angle. The heads on the hybrids get bigger as loft gets stronger for added forgiveness.

The Wilson Staff FG Tour F5 driver (MSRP: $380), fairway woods ($230) and hybrids ($210) will be available soon.

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