Taylor Swift hits fan in the face with a golf club, at her request
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Taylor Swift hits fan in the face with a golf club, at her request, then fans flip out over innocuous story


Taylor Swift will do just about anything for her fans, including, apparently, hitting them in the face with a golf club.

A Swift superfan and blogger -- yes, there's a Swift beat so she can get the coverage she's not earning from the lamestream media -- showed up to a stop on the pop star's 1989 Tour and a pre-concert meet-and-greet with Swift -- which, by the way, is amazing that she still does considering her status in music and broader culture. Swift, who has apparently met Maya a number of times through these events, has a running joke with the fan about a golf club, which Swift made sure was at the event. Then, as part of the gag, Swift hit Maya, who shared these details over Twitter, in the face with the club.

There's no footage of the club-to-face moment, but the fan did post a picture of the pre-smash encounter to Tumblr, to which Swift responded.


I assume that's a #SquadGoal.

What's funny about all of this is that the Swift fans have clearly missed the tone of this story, which was essentially an effort to lampoon search-engine optimization and a willfully ignorant writer asked to take a crack at a story that's barely tangential to golf, our topic of expertise.

The average person who reads this would go, Ah! That's great that Taylor meets her fans and does funny stuff with them other than barely makes eye contact. No one would, or should, really care, as Maya forcefully contended -- by grossly misusing the term "extremely" -- care whether or not she paid to meet Swift, if she had previously or anything of that nature. Even if you didn't get the bit, which was pretty well telegraphed, it's a nice story showing that Swift, who seems like a nice person, has a great rapport with her fans.

Some of those fans got a little upset on Twitter, so we figured we'd respond to them here.

Had to look up what "hunty" means since I was born in the 1980s, but it's labeled by Urban Dictionary as "An amalgamate of honey and cunty. A demeaning term without being overly aggressive."

Why you gotta be so mean, Taylor's butthole?

The least you could do is learn with "aka" means, which is way more important than what the golf club meant to Maya.

Emily was very nice. Thank you.

Via Seventeen via Google News search for "Golf"

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