Why is it illegal in South Korea to silence mobile phone camera sounds?
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Why is it illegal in South Korea to silence mobile phone camera sounds?


Players on both teams at this week's Presidents Cup are bracing for a lot of distracting noise -- not only from potentially rowdy South Korean fans but also from their mobile phone cameras.

It's illegal in South Korea for any mobile phone maker to sell a phone that allows a user to silence the faux shutter sound on their mobile phone cameras, so that means overzealous fans could distract players by taking pictures during their swings. All of the players have been made aware of the law, and they've experienced the potential distraction first-hand during practice rounds. The good news is that so many fans may be taking pictures at once that the collective sounds may simply blend into the background, like white noise.

Presidents Cup fans -- just like at any PGA Tour event -- are prohibited from taking pictures during the competition, but experience shows that will not prevent all fans from not snapping a few photos.

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