Bryson DeChamebau can sign his autograph lefty and backwards
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Bryson DeChamebau can sign his autograph lefty and backwards


Bryson DeChambeau is a different kind of cat, but his somewhat peculiar ways shouldn't be questioned -- at least on the course. The Southern Methodist University senior is the reigning NCAA men's golf champion and has a spot in Sunday's 36-hole U.S. Amateur final against Derek Bard at Olympia Fields near Chicago.

DeChambeau plays all of his irons at a 6-iron length of 37.5 inches and has all his clubs weighted the same so that he can make the same swing with all of them. However, when it comes to signing autographs, that sameness doesn't carry over off the course.

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The 21-year-old can, and routinely does, sign autographs backwards -- it would look normal in a mirror -- and in cursive with his left hand. Like us with saying the alphabet backwards, DeChambeau said it's not only a skill he's intentionally learned but one that he plans to use as a future pro.

"I know how to write my name backwards and left-handed in cursive and I can sign it pretty well," DeChambeau said Saturday after his 4-and-3 semifinal win over Sean Crocker. "So that's something that I may do in the future, kind of unique -- definitely unique, obviously, but I think it sets me apart.”

As if the clubs don't? There's actually another reason why DeChambeau does it: mental acuity.

He explained, "I do those sort of things to keep my mind off of golf and to help my fine motor skills with my hands, create more sensitivity and increase my brainpower, try and do something like that."

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