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The Approach Shot

The Approach Shot is our golf “flavored” podcast and radio show. We call it “golf flavored” because we interview celebrities and semi-celebrities about their time in the spotlight, their passions, their projects, giving back to the community and of course, their golf game.

What makes The Approach Shot unique is that we try not to ask the same old questions our guests have been asked over and over. Sure, we cover the areas that made them well known, but we also ask about their golf game (the good, the bad and the ugly) and their love affair and hatred for golf.

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Mark Thompson: LA's "Dancing Weatherman" and the man who put the pause in " American Idol" brings his incredible voice to The Approach Shot


Ever wonder about the man behind the LA television's 'Dancing Weatherman' ? 

Meet Mark Thompson, the voice of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and so many others.  Mark shares his fascinating career journey and tales of daredevil stunts. From creating "Neighborhood Weather" in San Francisco to being an integral part of the legendary radio station KGO, Mark's stories captivate, entertain, and inspire. 

We ask Mark which Idol contestants he rooted for and who against, Mark shares an incredible story of the last day of KGO and how he was the final voice heard on that legendary station and of course, we ask him to re-create the introduction that he is so famous for on American Idol.  

Mark is hilarious, thought provoking and a great guest.

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Uncle Charlie's favorite- GREGG OLSON's wit is as sharp as his curve ball


We have a real treat in store for you as we welcome our guest, Baltimore Oriole (and Arizona Diamondback) great Gregg Olson, to the field! 

Great's wit is as sharp as the break on his famous curve ball as he tells stories from his nearly perfect early days to his awe-inspiring journey to Birdland the desert.

We talk about Greg’s American League Rookie of the Year performance in 1989, and his strategy when closing out a no-hitter. But it's not all easy as Gregg talks about dealing with injury and failure, too.

And Gregg is one serious golfer, so his stories don't stop between the lines; they make it to the links as well.

Then, get ready to chuckle at the hilarious anecdotes from Gregg's book, "We Got To Play Baseball". So, grab your mitt, put on your cleats, and let's hit this episode out of the park!

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David Magadan: Bats, Balls, and Birdies


Our guest this week was described as a "hitting artist" and won 2 World Series rings; one with the Mets and later, as a coach with the Red Sox.  

We're delighted to have Dave Magadan join us and he shares stories of his early career, and when the Mets won the World Series in 1986.  In a special segment, Dave talks about being on team with Daryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez, and the Amazing Mets.  Hold on to your seats, as "Mags" takes you through his rollercoaster baseball career, sharing the ups and downs that come with the game.

The episode doesn't just stop at baseball, as Mags brings in his golfing experiences into the mix. From Thanksgiving rounds with Lou Panella to unforgettable exhibition matches against the world champion softball team, the Kentucky Bourbons, David's tales are as thrilling as they are inspiring. He emphasizes the role of attitude and a positive mindset, both in baseball and golf, drawing parallels from his personal experiences. So tune in, get inspired, and let's hit this one out of the park together.

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Tackling Golf and the NFL with 2x All Pro Cris Dishman


On this week's episode of The Approach Shot, our guest is an NFL great, 2x All Pro Cris Dishman. 

From sharing his coaching insights to detailing his impressive NFL stats and advice for aspiring football players, Cris takes us through his illustrious journey. The conversation turns international as we delve into the differences between American and Canadian football, and Chris's experiences adapting to the rules of our Northern neighbors. We even get an exclusive tour of his DB Hall of Fame and Goat Skills camp, a resource designed to equip aspiring defensive backs with essential techniques.

Finally, Cris takes us off the field and into his life post-football. From his ambitious (but admittedly limited- REALLY limited) golfing skills, to his escapades owning a sports bar and nightclub in Houston - Cris's journey is as varied as it is fascinating. 

We even manage to squeeze in some fun facts about the popularity of Taylor Swift at Chiefs games. Listen in for Cris's hilarious golfing story and his golden rule for treating people with respect. 

This episode is your ticket to a fun-filled, insightful journey that bounces between the golf course and the gridiron.

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Three-time 30-30 Club member, 2 World Series ring owner and Rib Eating Champ, Howard Johnson (HoJo) visits The Approach Shot


Baseball great, Howard Johnson, (Hojo) joins us in the clubhouse this week on The Approach Shot. 

We cover a lot of great topics with HoJo; including his dream sports conversation partner, his golf prowess, and the infectious energy of fan chants. Prepare to be regaled with his unforgettable victory at the 1985 Pro Athlete Rib Eating Contest, and his insightful commentary on present-day baseball. Experience the camaraderie as Hojo introduces us to his funniest golfing buddy and their friendly rivalry.

Howard Johnson's is a story  of determination, resilience, and an unyielding love for the game. We'll discuss his strategies for overcoming weather challenges and injuries, the valuable lessons he gleaned from seasoned players, and the unforgettable World Series moment involving Kevin Mitchell and a pair of pants. Plus, we'll delve into his successful transition from baseball to golf. 
So, tune in for an episode filled with laughter, nuggets of wisdom, and the inspiring power of sports.

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