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On The Virg with Virgil Herring is a series of in-depth interviews with some of the most wildly successful entrepreneurs, musicians, and professional golfers. This podcast focuses on what tools they have used to achieve their dreams, and provides a detailed glimpse into human performance in business, sport, and music. With each guest, Virgil dives into what makes them truly remarkable in their craft.

The show centers itself around the communitas of wine, music, and golf - and how each of these enrich their lives. On the Virg is about the enjoyment of life, rising above the struggles, and stretching past the best to be better every day.

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Player's Championship Preview - S5E5


This week On The Virg, Virgil discusses an upcoming game changing program about to come out. He discusses the Players Championship, the latest Tiger Woods scandal, the newest golf equipment out this year and his upcoming trip to Punta Mita.

Lance Vinson - S5E4


Joining me this week On The Virg is Trackman representative Lance Vinson. We discuss how Trackman has evolved as a company, been a spearhead for change in the industry, and their role in more golf being played on and off the course.

Steve Roehm No. 4 - S5E3


Joining me this week On The Virg is Steve Roehm. Steve is a master hypnotist and absolutely one of the most gifted humans I know. I have watched him change peoples lives over and over again. We discuss grief, trauma, taking care of your body, and what we are going through that is causing so much pain.

Brian Jorgenson S5E2


Joining me this week On The Virg is PGA Professional Brian Jorgenson. We discuss his transition from Director of Golf at Nashville Golf and Athletic Club to a board member of In His Grip. He shares the powerful story of how the tragic death of his wife in 2018 and a letter from his daughter that proceeded that accident hurled him into this amazing journey towards his faith. The fusion of golf and God has completely shifted him into who he is today. We talk about the upcoming film about Payne Stewart that we are both involved in, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Michael Jordan, and a Genesis Concert for the ages.

Dr. David Alfery - S5E1


Joining me this week On The Virg is Dr David Alfery. David just finished his book, “Saving Grace…..What Patients Teach Their Doctors about Life, Death, and the Balance in Between”. 

We discuss the powerful themes of the book through the eyes of an anesthesiologist, finding his faith, mission trips, a fateful no show to a Grateful Dead party, Capri, LSU football, and how golf has played such a huge role in his life.