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Golf equipment is incredible, but most people only know that what they have in their hands or on their backs or feet works for them. On The Bag Room, Ryan Ballengee talks with the people behind these products to understand how equipment is researched, designed and made -- and how it can ultimately help us golfers.

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11: A wild ride with architect Tripp Davis


On this episode, Ryan Ballengee is joined by golf course architect Tripp Davis, who talks about his current jobs and how he has evolved as an architect over the course of a long career.

10: Keeping pace with Tagmarshal's Bodo Sieber


On this episode, Tagmarshal co-founder Bodo Sieber joins Ryan Ballengee to talk about the pace of golf post-COVID and how his company is helping hundreds of facilities move faster and become more profitable with data on pace and use.

9: BearFish's Roger Duthie talks making the perfect hat


On this episode, BearFish Sports Marketing and Apparel head Roger Duthie talks how he got into the hat game from Emirates, as well as figuring out how to bring his passion project to life and turn it into a successful business

8: Catching up on Folds of Honor with Lt. Col. Dan Rooney


Lt. Col. Dan Rooney joins Ryan Ballengee to offer an update on the powerful works of the Folds of Honor and its massive scholarship impact, powered by help from the golf world.

7: The Art of Being a Renegade with Kenneth Duncan


Renegade Golf founder Kenneth Duncan joins Ryan Ballengee to talk about founding his business, the challenges of growing quickly and his hopes for making golf a more inclusive game.