Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Week 17 bettor’s guide
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Jay’s Plays NFL picks: Week 17 bettor’s guide

Ernesto the Prediction Iguana tread water through a 3-2-1 week, 1-2 in teasers after the Panthers barely got past the Bucs, the Bills get robbed by the refs (again in favor of the Cheatriots), and the Giants got blanked by a milquetoast Arizona team. That puts the season totals at 58-19-1, 22-17 in teasers.

Happily, for Week 17 Ernesto saves up his energy for the playoffs, and since NFL teams do to, you only get two plays this week. As always, we do two-team teasers here, so we can move the line six points either way. We use the lines from Vegas Insider, HOME TEAM IN CAPS.


Raiders (+13) at CHARGERS
Panthers (+10) at FALCONS

“What does it mean to go ‘Full Chargers?'” my friend asked. It means to stink out loud for the beginning of the year, miraculously get yourself possible for a possible playoff spot after a wild mid-season winning streak, then choke it away at the last second. See “Capitals, Washington.” Which Falcons team is going to show up? The one that scores 28 early of the one that fizzles late?


Saints (-1.5) at BUCCANEERS
LIONS-Packers OVER 36.5

With Carson Wentz out for the season, the Saints just became the team to beat in the NFC. They have a higher-octane offense than the Vikings, and they make fewer mistakes than the Rams. Meanwhile, Green Bay fans can only dream of what might have been had Rodgers not gone down. The Patriots would never have stopped Rodgers in the Super Bowl had they met.