What's the best golf-themed social network?
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What’s the best golf-themed social network?

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Golfers love golf, and the true diehards want to talk about the game all the time. But it can be hard to find people to about the game with online, at least in a way that doesn't involve snobbiness, bad swing tips and lots of typical online arguing.

However, there are several golf-themed social networks that strive to bring together golfers to talk abour their games, share where and how they're playing and create groups of link-minded or closely located players to meet up for games and events.

The newest player in the space is called GolfLync, which already boasts more than 100,000 accounts on the platform. GolfLync, which is available for Android and Apple devices alike, is designed to be a live feed for golfers to talk about golf.

Users can share videos of themselves playing golf, the golf courses they're playing that day, places they want to be playing or just content of them having a great time on the golf course. Some users share memes or content they've found from other creators, and a variety of golf influencers are on the platform sharing their golf experiences with users, too. There are some accounts that share golf news and memes as well.

GolfLync also allows and encourages users to create Virtual Golf Clubs to build their own communities (often based on location, but sometimes for other reasons, too), allowing members to schedule tee times and other events as a group. Users can also do this with one another on an individual basis.

GolfLync users can search in the app's Discover section to find golfers to connect and play with in real life based on their location, skill level and preferences for playing partners, like playing music on the course, smoking cigars, playing in money gams and the like.

The platform is growing quickly, and we here at Golf News Net have joined the GolfLync community and look forward to connecting with many of you on it!

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