Why does Rickie Fowler carry a blue Yeti bottle, and what's in it?
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Why does Rickie Fowler carry a blue Yeti bottle, and what’s in it?

A photo of Rickie Fowler

Rickie Fowler has enjoyed a career resurgence in 2023, contending at the US Open before coming up just short at Los Angeles Country Club.

Fowler has always been a fan favorite, with so many people chanting his name or his nickname at PGA Tour events. Now that he's back and playing well, notching tons of top-10 finishes this year, there are once again tons of eyeballs on him.

And a lot of golf fans have noticed Rickie Fowler has been carrying a big blue Yeti bottle around with him on the golf course. After most every shot, Fowler carries the Yeti bottle with him, and it's covered with stickers and logos that leave people very curious about it.

Why does he carry the Yeti bottle? What's in the bottle? What logos are on it?

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Rickie Fowler carries the big Yeti bottle with him because he wants to keep hydrated throughout the course of long rounds, particularly in nervy situations or when the temperature is high. Staying hydrated is often key to performance.

There's also a specific reason why Fowler is carrying the bottle with him after practically every shot, as it reminds him to continue drinking instead of focusing on something else happening during the tournament.

“The real reason is, I drink more water and electrolytes when I carry it,” he said to the Associated Press. “[And] it’s heavy when it’s full so I don’t want to throw that on my caddie.”

The big Yetis have plenty of weight on them, with the vacuum-sealed steel proving to be quite a meaty object to catch if tossed around the course.

The Yeti has a ton of stickers on it, as many people are wont to do with their water bottles. For Fowler, they're an opportunity to promote friends and sponsors.

“Friends of friends or connections in one way,” Fowler said, explaining the litany of stickers.

The stickers represent a coffee, beer and a fitness company, as well as some that are just for him, like a space alien.

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