What does it mean in golf to hit driver off the deck?
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What does it mean in golf to hit driver off the deck?

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Golfers know what a driver is. The old 1-wood is the longest club in the bag with the least loft, and it goes the farthest -- at least conceptually -- of all 14 clubs. Almost every golfer on the planet uses their driver exclusively off the tee, typically with a tee in the ground to hold up the golf ball through the swing.

However, there are times when a golfer might feel compelled to hit driver off the deck. And that is a special circumstance.

What does it mean in golf to hit driver off the deck?

In golf, a player is said to hit driver off the deck when they hit the driver with the ball on the ground and not on a tee. Typically, a player would hit driver off the deck when they want to get the maximum distance they can from a ball in the fairway, almost always trying to get to a par 5 in two shots.

Technically, a player hits driver off the deck from the tee box if they don't use a tee. A player might consider doing this if they want to hit the ball low with their drive, though most players who hit stinger like this still tee up the ball -- they just tee it quite low.

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It might be a gray area if Dame Laura Davies hits driver off the deck every time, considering she doesn't use a tee but rather taps up dirt to make an organic tee of sorts.

There isn't really another situation where it would be even worth considering hitting driver off the deck other than trying to get home to a par 5 or long par 4, or to hit a low bullet that runs out quite a ways.

How to hit driver off the deck?

As for how to hit driver off the deck, it's just like hitting most any other fairway wood. However, the best way to hit driver off the deck is to make sure you swing flatter and on a downward trajectory (unlike swinging up off a tee is a typical choice), put the ball back in your stance a little and making sure the shaft comes in a little more upright.

Since the shot is so rare, and it is difficult to pull off, driver off the deck shots typically draw a lot of gawkers at golf tournaments or during a round. It is not an advised shot for the overwhelming number of golfers out there, but it is really cool to watch when done right.

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