Donald Trump supporter Club 47 USA logo looks an awful lot like the Ryder Cup logo
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Donald Trump supporter Club 47 USA logo looks an awful lot like the Ryder Cup logo

Former President Donald Trump is running for the office again in 2024, and he's looking to build on a donor base that he has as former Commander-in-Chief and the first official mover into the Republican primary race.

As part of his campaign, Trump has embraced a club, created in 2018 by supporters and dubbed Club 45 USA (now Club 47 USA) to support his third campaign for the presidency. Unfortunately, the Club 45 USA logo looks an awful lot like a logo golfers will find familiar: the Ryder Cup logo.

Take a look at the contrast of the Club 45/47 USA logo and the Ryder Cup logo.

They look a lot alike, although there are some key differences: Trump's face instead of the American flag in the middle, mirrored versions of Old Glory on the sides, the year of the Ryder Cup replaced with the letters "MAGA," and, of course, the name on the crest.

Look, there are plenty of logos in the world that are derivative of another logo. But, it is kind of strange to have this logo look like one created in part by the PGA of America, which took away multiple events -- the Grand Slam of Golf and PGA Championship -- from Trump-owned or -operated venues because of things he has done or said in the public sphere as a politician.

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