Should golfers wear a golf glove when they're chipping and putting?

Should golfers wear a golf glove when they’re chipping and putting?

Most golfers wear a glove when they play golf. They might not wear a golf glove for every shot, though. Some golfers prefer to wear a glove on specific shots and take it off when they're hitting other shots.

One of the times that golfers tend to have a preference about wearing a golf glove is when they're chipping and putting.

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Should golfers wear a golf glove when they're chipping and putting?

If you surveyed every golfer in the world, the overwhelming percentage would tell you that they don't wear a golf glove while they're putting. With some notable exceptions, including LPGA major champion Lexi Thompson, the overwhelming percentage of golfers prefer no gloves while putting so that they can have better feel directly to the putter grip.

However, there's more of a split of golfers that choose to wear a golf glove when they're chipping or pitching the ball. That's almost entirely a question of personal preference. There's a camp of golfers that feel having direct contact with the grip helps them perform better on touch shots like chipping, putting and sand shots. (I'm one of those golfers.)

There are even some golfers that will take their glove off for any shot involving a wedge -- full swing, chip, bump-and-run, pitch, flop, you name it.

Some golfers, though, don't see a difference in performance and would rather keep the glove on than have to take it off and potentially put it on again during the same hole.

At the end of the day, decisions like this one are like many in golf that are left to the individual preference of the player.

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