2022 PGA Championship concessions menu: Food choices and beer, food prices at Southern Hills
PGA Championship

2022 PGA Championship concessions menu: Food choices and beer, food prices at Southern Hills

One of the most talked-about things about the PGA Championship this year is the quality of the food served and beer prices at the tournament.

The concessions at Southern Hills in 2022 are delicious, but they're priced rather high -- almost too high. Beer prices at the 2022 PGA Championship are a talking point for a lot of fans and players attending this week in Oklahoma.

The beer prices are $18 for a 24-ounce Michelob Ultra and $19 for either a Stella Artois or a Michelob Ultra organic seltzer. For $15, fans can purchase a Kona Big Wave golden ale.

Wine and cocktails are available as well, for $13 and $15, respectively. There are various souvenir cocktails and signature cocktails for $19 each, as well.

Water -- Aquafina water -- is $6 per bottle.

The food prices are not much cheaper, with a hot dog coming at $8. Most of the prices, though, are in line with fans see these days at other major sporting events.

The PGA Championship food menu has seen some changes over the years, but most of the items on the menu are pretty standard.

There is a feeling among some fans that this is price gouging. However, prices are typically this high at many NFL and Major League Baseball games.

2022 PGA Championship food menu and prices


Aquafina water- $6
Michelob Ultra - $18
Stella Artois - $19
Kona Big Wave golden ale - $15
Michelob Ultra organic seltzer - $19
Wine - $13
Cocktails - $15
Souvenir cocktails - $19
Signature souvenir cocktails - $19


Beef hot dog - $8
Beer bratwurst - $9.50
Pulled pork sandwich - $12.50
Butcher's Grind cheeseburger - $14
Beyond Burger - $15

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