Shot Scope users can now benchmark their strokes gained against a variety of skill levels
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Shot Scope users can now benchmark their strokes gained against a variety of skill levels

Strokes gained has become the fundamental statistic in professional golf.

Shot-by-shot tracking of the best players in the world has given us a statistical algorithm by which we can measure how well any one shot compares to how the average pro would perform.

But you're not the average pro. You're likely not a pro at all. You're an amateur. So what good does strokes-gained benchmarking do for you? It's often foolish for us mortals to compares ourselves to pros, particularly as most golfers are striving to improve their games by a few strokes at a time -- breaking through milestone scores like 100, 90 or 80.

Since they came online, Shot Scope has been tracking hundreds of thousands of shots from golfers of all skill levels, from around the world. With enough shot data, the company now released newly created strokes-gained benchmarking, allowing golfers to compare their shot performance against scratch players, as well those with handicap indices of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.

This new benchmarking data will allow golfers to help understand how much they need to improve to reach their desired, improved level of performance. Want to go from breaking 100 to breaking 90? Use the Shot Scope game performance-tracking platform, log your shots using the combination GPS watch and sensors screwed in the butt-end of the grips of your clubs, and then get a comparison to the 20-handicap player. Now golfers can make a tangible, realistic comparison to their goals, find the actual gaps in their games and make a plan to get better.

In addition to the new strokes-gained benchmarking, the Shot Scope team has unveiled more in-depth breakdowns of strokes-gained including, front nine and back nine comparisons, as well as par-3, par-4 and par-5 performance. Further, Shot Scope now offers statistical breakdowns by distance to hole and lie type, including greens in regulation, proximity to the hole, short-game proficiency and up-and-down percentage.

“Strokes gained is a way of analyzing where a player sits when comparing every aspect of their performance with other players within a dataset,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope.

“Through our performance tracking platform and based on swing data captured from thousands of golfers worldwide who use our GPS Smart Watches, this approach to performance analysis allows golfers to gain a greater understanding of areas within of their game they may need to work on to improve their overall scoring average. We accomplish this by isolating individual aspects of a player’s game and comparing it to the entire Shot Scope dataset to deliver efficient results.”

The new additions round out the statistical analysis package available on the Shot Scope app, which works in tandem with the Shot Scope v3 GPS watch to manage shot data either in real-time or after a round. The Shot Scope v3 package is available for $219, without annual subscription fees.

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