Make some cash and give your clubs new life by trading them in with Golf Avenue
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Make some cash and give your clubs new life by trading them in with Golf Avenue

With most of the United States blanketed in snow right now, your golf game has probably gone dormant for the winter. Your golf clubs are sitting in your basement, garage, closet or trunk of your car, just waiting for the warmer weather to melt away the white stuff.

Since you're not playing golf right now, it's a great time to go through your old golf clubs -- the ones that haven't seen your bag in years and aren't leaving your home this season either.

You can give your clubs a new lease on life and make some cash by trading in your golf equipment through Golf Avenue.

"With so many incredible innovations launching each year, it’s hard to stay committed to your old clubs! That’s where Golf Avenue’s trade-in platform comes in," said Golf Avenue's Alexandra De Marinis. "Golf Avenue carefully inspects, cleans, and restores each traded club, making it a total win-win. You’ve got more cash in your pockets, and a fellow golfer is getting a great bang for their buck!"

When you trade in your golf clubs through Golf Avenue, you can do it all without having to go to a store. You can create an account at Golf Avenue's website and then use their valuation guide to find out how much your clubs are worth. If you decide to trade in your clubs, then you can print a pre-paid shipping label and schedule a pick-up from the location of your choice.

Once Golf Avenue has your clubs and is able to confirm their value, they'll give you the option to receive the cash value for your trade-in, or you can get a bonus if you choose to receive Golf Avenue credits. (The bonus credits must be used within six months of their receipt.)

“As your golf game improves, so should your equipment," said De Marinis. "Trading with Golf Avenue is an easy way to earn cash or credit to offset costs of upgrading!”

You have old golf clubs sitting around your home. Why let them sit around when you could make some money trading them in? Those clubs can find a new home with golfers who will use them, and you can clear out space -- naturally, into which you can put the clubs you're replacing with new purchases from Golf Avenue!

It's the circle of life, fellow golfers.

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