The Match: Champions for Charity format, rules and money
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The Match: Champions for Charity format, rules and money

The 2020 The Match: Champions for Charity format has been announced for the exhibition match to be played May 24 at Medalist Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla., with Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning teaming up to take on Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. The four players will help raise millions for charity.

The format for the two-on-two event at Woods' home golf club -- being televised nationally for the first time -- is match play with two different formats split between the nines.

On the front nine (holes 1-9), the format will be fourball, also called best ball. Each player will tee off with their own ball and complete the hole. The best score between the two players on a team counts for their side, and it's compared to the best score for the opposing team. The lowest score wins. If the teams tie, then the hole is tied. Manning and Brady will each get three handicap strokes on the front nine -- one on the hardest par 3, hardest par 4 and hardest par 5.

On the back nine (holes 10-18), the format will be modified alternate shot. Each player will tee off to start the hole. Then each team will determine the best drive and then play alternate shot -- switching off which player hits the next shot -- until the ball is holed. The lowest score will win the hole, and ties will mean the hole is tied.

The team who wins the most holes will win the match, which could be won before the 18th hole if a side has netted more holes won than there are holes remaining.

In the event of a tie, the match will continue until a winner is identified. A playoff hole will be established on the 18th hole, shortening it to approximately 115 yards. The teams will play the modified alternate shot format on this hole until a winner is determined.

Challenge holes

There are also several challenge holes during the competition:

  • 5th hole: Capital One Club Challenge for $250,000 -- The players will use a single club of their choice for all shots, with the winning team getting a $250,000 donation.
  • 8th and 16th holes: Michelob Ultra Hole-in-One Challenge for up to $25 million -- If a player makes a hole-in-one on either hole, a $25 million donation will be made, but the closest to the pin will net a $250,000 donation per hole.
  • 4th and 12th holes: Progressive Insurance Closest to the Hole Challenge for up to $2 million -- Based on hole close a player hits their tee shot to the hole, Progressive will donate at least $250,000 and up to $1 million per hole.
  • 3rd and 15th holes: Audi Long Drive for $500,000 -- On hole 3, the pro hitting the longest drive wins, while the 15th hole is for the amateurs, with a $250,000 donation on the line for each hole.

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