Adam Scott calls ailing fellow Aussie whose condition makes him think they're best buds
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Adam Scott calls ailing fellow Aussie whose condition makes him think they’re best buds

Credit: Keith Leventhal/Golf News Net, Cannot Be Used Without Permission

A lot of people would love to be buddies with Adam Scott, for various reasons.

One of Scott's fellow Aussies, however, had come to believe he and the former Masters champion were the best of buds.

Ross Campbell is 76 and battling aggressive cancer, suffering with severe brain and lung tumors. Campbell has long been a fan of Scott's, but the tumors have caused him to believe Scott is a long-time friend and frequent golfing buddy.

“Ross thinks a shed on the property is the Riverside Oaks club house and he talks about Adam all the time, waiting for Adam’s call to play a round of golf," Campbell's wife, Pam, said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Campbell's daughter did some outreach to get a hold of Scott, hoping the Aussie great might indulge them with some form of contact. Scott did just that, making a phone call to Campbell for a conversation and sending him a video of him practicing. Campbell's wife was crying throughout the call, while her husband acted as though this were a routine catch-up.

“What are you talking about?” he asked his wife, per the Herald. “Of course Adam would call. He wants a game. He’s here at Riverside Oaks.”

Pam was thrilled at what the 14-time PGA Tour winner did for her husband.

“Many high profile athletes must get so many requests to put themselves out, yet Adam responded to my daughter’s request straight away,” Pam said. “The video he sent also shows him practicing putting, and Ross can watch it any time he feels inclined.”

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